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Have you ever wanted to find someone who you served with, but you have forgotten his name, rank, and social security number? There may be other ways to do this which could possibly take years. The FAV wants to make it simpler.

Dear Vietnam Vet:

I was 17 years old when I was sent to Vietnam. It was mid January, 1968. Twelve days after I arrived to the 9th Marine's at Que San the Tet offensive started.

I remember a lot of different battles that I was in, and I also remember so many guys that at the time were very close to me. But I can't remember their names. It was the kind of place that you didn't want to make a friend because so many of them were killed or wounded, and for the most part you never really found out what happened to those guys. They were just gone.

When Tet started, we were just outside of Que San. We were overrun and isolated. Hell broke out all over. After the second day I was sure everyone with me was dead. Charlie wasn't just inside the wire, he owned it. I had been playing dead for about four hours, when I decided to try to get back to a secured area. I started to crawl. After a while I came across another marine, he joined me and on we went. Within two hours there was six of us, of which three were wounded.

I really didn't know these guys. I have no idea what happened to them or the chopper pilot that pulled us out of there. But not a day goes by that I don't relive the moment or see their faces. The marine corps nicknamed the survivors of the 9th, "The Walking Dead." If you're one of these, and if you're up to it, I would love to know you're o.k. They called me Motown.

Let's refer to Motown and let's say you made it out with him. Let's also say he saved your life or vice versa. When everyone made it safely out you were evac'd out and never saw Motown again. The Federal databases and Armed Forces databases could probably never help you locate Motown. But, with every ones participation, we hope to be able to do that.

The Where Are You Now program has been a goal of the foundation since its inception. Our focus here is to established a national database with every veteran registered in it.

We would like each and every veteran to fill out the registration form and put yourself in the database. If you belong to an organization, take copies of the registration form, have them fill them out, and either send them to the FAV, or enter them into the computer yourself. Same goes for reunions, people you know, etc.. Again, without the participation of each one of you, our efforts will be wasted.

There is no cost for registering or using the database, but again, it won't be successful unless we get every ones participation.

If you happen to locate someone using the database, drop us a line and let us know.

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